Edition: Paperback
ISBN: 9780571226931
No of pages: 288

Other Editions: Hardback

The Mrs Marridge Project


According to Mum, it was only brainless film stars who got married these days. It certainly wasn't something to be considered before a woman hit her thirties, and even then it was a pretty risky idea.

Half way through a school-friend's funeral, fourteen-year-old Elin has an epiphany. Life's too short to waste on school - she wants to get married! Using her GCSE syllabus as a model, Elin embarks on a covert operation to be married by the time she's sixteen - a quest that will take her from the Arctic Circle to the wilds of Southern Ireland. As she researches sex, ways of becoming a 'Woman of Maturity' and how to analyse men using Microsoft Excel, she discovers that transforming from A-grade student into A-grade wife is tough - particularly when everyone thinks she's going mad.

But Elin's not the sort of girl to be put off - even when the guy she picks up on the Internet turns out to be anything but Mr Right . . .

Full of wild ambition, fearlessness and terrible mistakes, The Mrs Marridge Project is a funny, sassy and controversial novel about self-discovery and freedom of choice.


Categorised as: Faber Children's
Sub-categories: Children's
Genres & Themes: School; Teenagers; Self discovery

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