Edition: Paperback
ISBN: 9780571227051
No of pages: 224

Being Bindy


What happens when your worst friend, who used to be your best friend, turns out to be your sister?

'Everywhere I looked I saw smirking faces, people whispering to each other, or whistling. Janey wouldn't even look at me. I overheard one of the others say, 'I don't know why you were ever friends with her,' to which she replied, 'I know. She's just so bleagh.'

Fifteen-year-old Bindy and her best friend Janey have been inseperable since they were babies. But the unthinkable has happened - Janey's in with a different crowd at school and she doesn't want to know Bindy anymore. The new crowd is loud, bitchy, in to boys, rebellious, daring. All the things that Bindy isn't. And then the really unthinkable happens - Bindy's dad starts dating Janey's mum . . .

A funny, searching novel from the author of Walking Naked .


Categorised as: Faber Children's
Sub-categories: Children's
Genres & Themes: School; Teenagers; Self discovery; Isolation